darktable - Install additional color profiles

By default, darktable supports input, output and display profiles and it provides builtin support for sRGB, Adobe RGB and linear RGB. For publishing the photos to the web, sRGB is the best choice. For printing photos, however, some printing studios (e.g. Saal Digital ) offer icc profiles for the paper they use. To get the best results, it is recommended to use these profiles.

Though it is not documented on the darktable homepage, it is possible to install icc profiles. You just have to create the folder color/outin the config directory of darktable and place the icc profile file there. On most systems the config directory is ~/.config/darktable.

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/darktable/color/out

$ cp ~/Downloads/SaalDigital_SoftProof_Fuji.icc ~/.config/darktable/color/out/

After restarting darktable SaalDigital_SoftProof_Fujiis selectable in the export module on the lighttableand the output color profile module in the darkroom.